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If you're looking for beautiful and professionally made guitar, you will find it here.

Some time ago, I ordered a Bruce Wei mandola, and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality, the artistic use of inlay and more importantly, the sound and playability. Bruce makes instruments that sustain and have the depth of sound that we all really search for.


Bruce Wei Ukuleles

Ukuleles have come to everyone's attention again, largely due to the influence of great players like Jake Shimabukaro and James Hill. I bought a couple of Bruce's koa ukes a year ago, and they're great instruments. He's also trying a few different body shapes and woods. The koa instruments are loud but mellow, the maple ukes cut through really well and the the mahogonay models are dark and rich.

I've decide to supply mainly tenor instruments - they're somewhat louder than a soprano, and may easier on larger hands.

Mahogany Cutaway

Mahogany Leafhole

(2 available)

Mahogany Shell

(2 available)

Koa Baritone



New stock arriving shortly.



I'm currently importing Bruce's instruments on a one off basis, so what you see is what you get in the range. Feel free to ask about your own particular requirements, and I'll see if Bruce can accomodate them. Each of the instruments is inspected and professionally setup by luthier Steve Johnston before being offered for sale. Steve can tailor the action to your taste after your purchase.

My standard price on Bruce's guitars is $660. Each guitar comes with a sturdy hard case included in the price. Martin Eric Clapton strings are fitted to each guitar on setup also.

Ukuleles are priced at tenors $190, baritones $200, concerts $170. Hard case $70, gig bag $30.

Email or call to order or inspect one of Bruce's fine instruments.

Phone: 0411 253 256


Bruce Wei Guitars

Here are some of Bruce's craftsman-made guitars currently available for sale. Click on each image for more detail. (I'm currently completing the links).

Gecko Cutaway Koa gecko
Star CutawayStar cutaway
Bowtie Cutaway Bowtie f
Koa Leafhole Guitar
OM Mahogany Satin OM Satin

OM Mahogany Gloss

MO Gloss

Koa OM
12 String Koa

For instrument details, click on the photo.


Antoniotsai Guitars

Antoniotsai has workshops in Vietnam and Taiwan and specialises in inlays of pau shell and mother of pearl. His instruments are not only high quality musical instruments constructed of select solid woods, but works of inlay art!




Parlour GuitarParlor  1
Parlour GuitarParlor 2
Roundback ClassicalClassical Front
Archtop CutawayArchtop 4
Archtop Guitar Archtop Guitar